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Jackie Insinger  bio
Motivation and Communication Expert

Jackie Insinger is a Motivation and Communication Expert and a highly sought-after Executive and Team Dynamics Coach. Jackie combines Positive Psychology with revolutionary tools and programs to help individuals increase performance and fulfillment. She supports teams to become more aligned, communicate more effectively and support each other more efficiently, leading to increased productivity, performance and engagement in an overall enhanced culture. 


Jackie is a Master Coach of the revolutionary PRINT® system – the only validated motivational platform with a laser focus on performance. Using PRINT®, Jackie can quickly and accurately identify the "WHY" behind your behavior and provide you with a deeper understanding of what motivates you, what lights you up and what shuts you down.  Jackie integrates the PRINT® model into her work in order to create both an immediate and long term benefit that is not only unique, but quickly transformative. 


With a Psychology degree from Duke University and a Masters from Harvard, Jackie’s work with individuals and teams has positively impacted thousands of people and businesses throughout the world. Jackie’s objective of guiding each client from concept to implementation and then continued execution has created a track record of sustained impact and success. 


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Ashley Koff RD  bio

Ashley Koff RD is your better health enabler. For over twenty years, Koff has helped patients get and keep their better health results powered by better nutrition. Her success at developing personalized integrative nutrition solutions has made her the  go-to dietitian for the leading doctors in the country and their patients including celebrities, athletes, business executives and heads of state. Regularly appearing on national media, Koff is a coveted keynote speaker, consultant, and host for her unique ability to translate better nutrition information into actionable tips. She has authored a book, a cookbook, several chapters in medical textbooks, was the global nutrition ambassador for Westin Hotels and is currently the dietitian for The Four Seasons in Georgetown DC.  In 2016, Koff founded The Better Nutrition Program with the mission to change the way we assess nutrition so that everyone has access to the better nutrition tools to help build and implement their better nutrition plan.  She recently launched My Better Nutrition skill on Alexa for Amazon. In her free time, she enjoys travel, relearning the trumpet, being a basketball fan for favorite basketball teams (Duke & the Cavs). 

The Empowered by Better Nutrition in Paradise Quiz: Are you giving your body what it needs to run better today? When your body has what it needs, it can do its work efficiently and effectively.  There are many ways to get in nutrients today - foods, beverages, supplements - as well as lifestyle and health factors that change your needs. To empower you in paradise, we want to know how your current nutrition stacks up against what your body needs to do its work better. Developed by world class nutrition expert, Ashley Koff RD, CEO The Better Nutrition Program the Empowered by Better Nutrition in Paradise Quiz is your better step forward to the better health results you crave. 

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