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Panna Watkins bio
Discovery and Development Field Representative

Originally from Bangkok, Thailand.  Panna moved to the United States in 1998 at the age of 14 to study English.  She is fluent in English and Thai.  She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Cal State University of Long Beach.  Being an artist at heart, her dream is to one day have an art school in Thailand and work to give back in the village. Having grown up in Thailand, Panna has extensive knowledge and expertise about the six distinctive regions that comprise Thailand.  These regions have their own unique customs, practices, traditions and rituals.


Panna’s passion for traveling and exploring the world in part comes from being a firm believer in living a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.  She believes that balance in life is extremely important, because it affects the well-being of individuals, families and communities.  In her dedication to both physical and mental
well-being, she has explored various techniques for both fitness training and personal development.  She has learned to slow down and be more aware in this fast-paced world, get in touch with her inner self, and be grateful for her blessings in life.

Praty Santoso bio
Discovery and Development Field Representative

Praty is a graduate from BPL National Hotel & Tourism Institute in Banding West Java, Indonesia. Ms. Santoso was the Sales and Marketing/Operation Director with responsibilities for Saktu Island, Kotok Besar Island - Ujung Kulon Adventure Trips. As managing operations director, Praty ran several Yacht Charter businesses in Bali & Jakarta and is an expert in the operation of sailing yachts, tall ships, Buginese Schooners and Black Watch Game Fishing Boats.  She is a Pioneer in using Buginese Schooners as a pleasure sailing Yacht launching the first open water trip to Nusa Lembongan Island, Surfing Trips to Belongas, Lombok, Komodo Island & Ujung Kulon/Anak Krakatau West Java.


Praty owns and manages Solas Bar & Resort and is currently the Owner and Managing director for PS Luxury Concierge Events, handling luxury markets for the domestic and international traveler.

In 2017, Panna found and fell in love with aerial yoga.  Now, she regularly trains with three different professional aerial yoga teachers.  Building upon this love, her eagerness to share her life experiences and her passion for aerial yoga has led her to build a retreat studio in Chiang Rai, Thailand.  Her company Travel, Silk and Surf is a retreat studio that offers training for aerial yoga and fitness and is also combined with a bed and breakfast boutique.  Her studio is directly across from Wiang Kalong Temple, where people go visit to practice meditation.


When she is not working, Panna has enjoyed extensive travelling and learning to over 30 countries, playing piano, aerial yoga, aerial silks and hammock, hiking, and cooking Thai food. 

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