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Around the world, wellness seekers from all walks of life and cultures are seeking true change, transformation, healthier lifestyles, more meaningful experiences and the desire to reinvent a more purposeful life.

Empowered In Paradise was created to shed outdated programing, connect the spirit within and enhance engagement with daily life, relationships, and ultimately the relationship you have with yourself.

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Unprecedented global wellness consciousness is awakening the desire to reconnect with self. Never before has the need to establish different life paradigms, response behaviors, better nutrition and healthy eating choices to support a new mindset, been needed to help understand a world exploding with new rules, expectations, diversities, and timelines.

This energetic shift dictates the need to manage how the ebbs and flows of life influence life, how we respond, where we search for new pathways, modalities and experiences through a more holistic lens; thus, achieving powerful results through a purposeful, personalized approach to breakthroughs and sustainable transformation.


Women have faced insurmountable obstacles to build their strength of will and overcome adversity and challenge. Through Empowered In Paradise we begin to peel back the layers, create strength and purpose, and empower women from around the World.

Through meticulously curated adventures, activities, and facilitated programs, Empowered in Paradise empowers participants to discover a new you through seven pillars of wellness and self care.

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