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Empowered in Paradise supports global, free trade. Our Discovery and Development team searches for authentic, eco-friendly, sustainable, organic luxury products to bring the local culture into our experiences, retreats and adventures.  We are committed to supporting the communities and destinations in which we host  our programs through Charity Events, Charitable Contributions, and the hiring of local professionals from within the community.  Our line of Luxury Products supports our E.I.P. amenity program and on-line luxury product sales.  


Empowered in Paradise programs bring awareness to the culture, artisans, craftsmen/women and their families who bring authentic and cultural heritage to the global marketplace. Their unique stories are featured through the purchase
of their one-of-a-kind goods and products.




 Luxury Products:

Authentic Textiles and Home Goods

Organic Soaps

Organic Candles

Pure Essential Oils


Fitness Apparel

Luxury Organic Women's Clothing

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